Stainless Steel Crown

San Antonio, TX Dentist

Stainless Steel CrownStainless steel crowns are used for very large cavities, cavities that require nerve treatments, and in children with a lot of cavities. These crowns are always done using local anesthesia so your child’s mouth will be numb. The gums surrounding the crowns will appear very irritated. Children’s Motrin or Tylenol should relieve any soreness your child is experiencing. Avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold, because your child may experience sensitivity for a few days. The crowns are glued on with sticky cement. Crowns can be dislodged with sticky candy such as taffy, Now & Laters, and caramel so please avoid these and most other candies. You will notice a number on the side of the crown that will disappear if your child is doing a good job brushing their teeth. The crown and tooth will be lost naturally as they are replaced by permanent teeth.

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